The Video Grabber process is convenient, efficient, affordable and most importantly, brings your brand and message to life, making your business ready to connect with and engage your target viewers. We’ve even developed the Video Grabber Calculator so you can quickly get an idea of the costs of various types of Video Grabbers available. And you can always get started right now by calling 865.588.2465 or clicking here.

Tell Us About Your Company

Answer a few simple questions and let the process begin.

We ask the right questions that help you give us the right answers.

The incredible production begins.

We write your script with you

Step by step, our professional writers will write an appealing message . We will then give you the ability to view the message script that is being written for you. Your script writer will go over the information on your create a script for our voice talent to record based on the answers you provided in step 1. This will showcase your company in an attractive and professional style.

Choose the music that fits your brand

Once your script is written we will request confirmation and approval from you via basecamp or email.

Once we have your final script approval we will provide samples of our in-house talent. And ask which tone style you would like to have our voice talent record for you.

Listen to Examples of Music Here


We will also post different music on basecamp for you to choose from.

Once you select the track you want us to use. We will mix it to the voiceover file for you to listen review for your approval.

We create your video from your input and any files you would like us to use.

We will post a mixed version of your audio on basecamp asking for your approval. Once you approve your audio, we will proceed with adding visuals to your audio.