A: The marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years. Putting an ad in the newspaper or running a commercial on your local TV or radio station is no longer enough to effectively reach your target audience. More and more people turn to social media and websites like YouTube for information on the things they buy and the businesses they turn to. And video has become portable, with an ever-growing number of people watching and sharing videos on their phones and tablets. Video allows your business to reach your customers in an easily digestible way, from wherever they are, in real time. Video Marketing allows you to more effectively target your audience, not just demographically, but in ways that fit their lifestyle and interests. It’s more economical than traditional advertising and can even generate revenue on websites that offer revenue sharing.

A:  There are Videograbbers to fit most any budget.  Check out the Videograbber calculator (link) to get a quick idea of the cost of the various types of Videograbbers available.  And you can always contact us at877-927-2122 or here to talk to one of our team members right now for a more accurate quote.

A: Depending on the type and length of your Videograbber, it can take less than a week.

A: Absolutely! Our production team will integrate your images and video to make your Videograbber stand out from the crowd.

A: Everywhere! On your website or blog, attached to emails, on websites like YouTube, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and on mobile apps.